Why Teacher’s training from ATI ?

Young Learners Teachers Training Program
American TESOL Institute is a brand name associated with teachers training around the world. ATI is a pioneer is TESOL and TEFL training with a specialty of training teachers of Young Learners. The demands of Young Learner’s English teachers are particularly high in most parts of the world. The teachers who specialize in teaching small children second language English are hired in both English Speaking countries and non – English speaking countries. American TESOL Institute specializes in training TESOL teachers with an edge to teach Pre and Primary students effectively.

The quality of TESOL or TEFL course of American TESOL Institute is determined by its marketability and dynamism. The certificate given to the successful candidates at the end of the course is accepted around the world. The certificate awarded is notarized by the government of USA, which gives a significant boost to its credibility.

Another factor, which has significantly enhanced the credibility of Young Learners course by American TESOL Institute, is its popularity. So far, ATI has churned out more than 2000 successful ESL teachers who have been working in various institutes around the world. ATI also provides adequate assistance to the teachers who graduate from us. The eligible teachers are also given guaranteed placement.

American TESOL Institute is accredited by various institutes around the world. Apart from the accreditation agencies ATI works hand in hand with various placement agents. The in –class courses are offered in countries like USA, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey, Morocco, Italy, France, Indonesia and Nepal.

The Young Learners TESOL course of American TESOL Institute groom teachers for teaching Pre & Primary teachers with special training on teaching second language English. The teachers will also be taught the basics about teaching very young children. Although stress is given on language teaching, the teachers are equipped with necessary skills to train all subjects.

ATI has been training teachers who aspires to teach Young Learners for a long time now. There are both successful online and in-class TEFL courses organized by American TESOL Institute. In the onsite course, the teachers are exposed to teaching practice in real classrooms. This enhances the confidence of the teachers as well as gives them the necessary teaching experience.

American TESOL Institute Young Learners TEFL certificate gives the teachers a chance to travel across the world and teach young kids all over the world. It is perfect for teachers who are passionate about teaching young kids and at the same time traveling to exotic locations.


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