TESOL Courses

A TESOL course is perfect for would be teachers, teachers who are already in this profession and also people pondering upon a career change. In recent times, there is high demand of trained second language English teachers all over the world. The criterion for doing a TESOL course is just good English language skill. Both natives and non natives are eligible for this course.

Online TESOL

Teaching English as Second Language or TESOL is a common course for the teachers who aspire to teach English as second language in various locations around the world. An accredited TESOL certificate is very useful for second language English teachers. The certificate of TEFL Academy is very credible for people who want a placement in ESL job market.

This teacher training course for second language English teachers will help the teachers in getting ESL Job placement in countries like Thailand, China, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Costa Rica, France, Czech Republic, Argentina and many more.

TEFL Academy offers its teachers online TESOL Course. The TESOL courses are developed keeping in mind the specific needs of the teachers. The types of teacher training courses offered to the teachers are:

Foundation TESOL:
it is a sixty hours course with ten hours of teaching practice and four hours teaching practice observation.

Advanced TESOL:
it is same as the Foundation TESOL course in addition to Business English or Young Learner course.

Business English course:
Business English training for teachers helps them in acquiring skills for teaching corporate officials.

Young Learners course:

the course for young learners is for upgrading skills for teaching young students.


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