Teaching Young Learners FAQ

What is a Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course all about?
The Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course (PPTTC) is meant for the teachers who aspire to Teach from Montessori up to class five. This course will make one eligible to cater to both Pre & Primary level of students (between two and eleven age group).

Do I get a Diploma?
Yes, you would get a diploma and your certificate will say ‘Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training’.

Do I get any help from tutors or teachers?
Yes, you will get constant help from our tutors. You can contact us through mail, chat or phone. Our tutors will guide you throughout the course and help you in every juncture. But, we also expect serious efforts on the part of our students.

Can I teach in a Kindergarten school after doing the course?
Yes surely you can teach Kindergarten students because it is a part of Pre-school system itself.

How much Salary can I expect?
Salary depends on the schools. Range of salary can be from Rs 4000- 20000. If you have previous teaching experience you will get better salary.

Is it really a Montessori Course?
Yes of course it is, as it is catering to the age group of two to six worldwide.

Can I also teach in Primary Level?
Yes you surely can. You can actually teach from Class one to class five which is the age group between seven and eleven.

What are the training modes for this program?
There are three types of training modes:
1. Distance
2. Online / E-Learning

What is the difference between Distance and Online / E-Learning mode?
In Distance we ship across the hard copy study materials along with DVD&CD whereas in Online /E-learning mode we give you access to the software with unique user Id & password through which you can access the study materials online 24×7. You can also save the Online study materials on your computer and get the print outs as and when required.

Is this Govt. recognized program?
This is an internationally recognized program which is accepted worldwide. After getting certified by American TESOL Institute one can teach in India as well as abroad.

Do you provide with placement assistance also?
Yes we do give our trainees 100% placement assistance once the candidates successfully completes the course.

What is the duration of the course?
The course duration of Distance / Online mode of training is 6-8 months

How do I do the teaching practice in Distance / Online mode?
We have kept the teaching practice (TP) as optional, if you can arrange any school in your locality / city, we will provide you with the recommendation letter from our trainer which will help you in getting permission from the school authority to do teaching practice in their school. Existing teachers can do the teaching practice in their own schools.


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