TEFL Academy

TEFL Academy is one of the leading names in the world of TESOL training. The company is blessed with professionals who are proactive and farsighted. This quality has helped TEFL Academy achieve proper assessment, engagement and teaching practices for its students.

The most significant commitment of TEFL Academy is to continuously discover the foundational elements of the basics of teaching. Emphasis is given to the foundation as it is the main basis for the learning process, which will continue life long and for generations.

Company – TEFL Academy

TEFL Academy caters to students both online and onsite. The latest development in the ESL teaching industry is incorporated in the curriculum so that our trainees are well equipped with the key principles of ESL teaching.

TEFL Academy for many years now have been training teachers from Asia, Europe, Africa and many other corners of the world. We are thinking of launching self-directed study course and online workshops for our trainees soon.

Our Purpose

The main aim of TEFL Academy is to prepare a course curriculum which equips its teachers to grip the modern teaching systems and understand the principals and intricacies of ESL teaching.

What We Believe

  • Best education in self education
  • The three most important parts of learning and education is ritual, music and movement.
  • Modern teaching styles are perfectly blended with traditional concepts of teaching
  • TEFL Academy trains it teachers so that they are comfortable in teaching both adults and children.
  • We stress on practical application as we believe that it is the best way of learning.
  • It is always best to accommodate different modes of educations
  • TEFL Academy also believes that there can be nothing better than self directed and self paced education

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