Instructional Strategies for Preschool

01 Nov

Teaching jobs in India have risen drastically in recent years thanks to the huge growth in the number of primary schools, which are privately owned, government aided and also run by religious organizations. The larger cities in India have witnessed this growth more than the rural areas. While the government schools use either English or vernacular languages as their main language of communication, most other primary schools realize the importance of the global language and use English as the primary language for instruction. The competition among these primary schools is huge and they always try to better their standards of education to gain an edge over each other. These schools insist on recruiting only teachers after they have completed a certified teacher training course.

Instructional Strategies

These teachers training courses are designed to incorporate and meet the demands set forth by the preschools. These schools have moved from the conventional methods of teaching and are rapidly adopting more scientific instructional strategies, which are more suitable for teaching toddlers in a playschool. The most popular teachers training courses are the pre-primary teachers training course and the nursery teachers training course.

Pre-primary teacher training course is essential for a teacher to impart the right kind of education to pre-schoolers for the education imparted to them in the formative years is the very foundation on which a child later grows and develops. Aspirants in a pre-primary teacher training course are trained to understand and meet with the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of children. A proper pre-primary teacher training course teaches aspirants about child psychology to enable them to understand and relate to these young kids.

Aspirants interested in teaching kids aged roughly between two to five years old could also sign up for a Nursery teacher training course. A teacher in a Nursery teacher training course is taught to unleash a child’s inherent imaginative skills and help a child in his social interactions and make children learn through their physical senses. Teachers in a Nursery teacher training course, learn to utilize the energy of these children and educate them through group activities like song, drama, art, puppetry, dance and rhymes, which are interesting and enjoyable to them.

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