Teaching Jobs Abroad is the Way to a Lucrative Career

16 Oct

Taking up teaching English jobs abroad is the easiest way to get a lucrative career. All native English-speaking and non-English speaking countries require English teachers. In today’s globalized world, English has risen to be the lingua franca. People from all across the world are striving to learn the language to better their personal, educational and professional interests. Hence, English teachers are in great demand worldwide.


English teaching jobs overseas in European countries like France, Germany and Spain come with attractive remuneration packages. Salaries for taking up teaching English jobs abroad in European country is not as high as compared to the Asian countries and in Eastern Europe it is as low as 1000 USD but compared to this Western Europe it is slightly high and is around 2500 dollars. But again cost of living is not so high in Eastern Europe. Though the salaries are not very high the cost of living in Europe is not very high and therefore, one can enjoy a comfortable life and living in Europe is a huge impetus in itself.

Teachers interested in taking up TEFL jobs abroad in search of better financial prospects would also find Asia to be the most beneficial option. Some of the Asian countries like the Middle East have the reputation of providing the highest remuneration package to English teachers in the world. All English teaching jobs abroad in Dubai usually come with a very high remuneration with the average salary package being 8000 and 11000 AED while the average cost of living in Dubai is around 2000 to 3000 AED. Apart from the gross packages, English teachers are also provided with additional benefits like free airfare, accommodation and healthcare. In addition to that, the UAE is known for its’ low tax rates so English language teachers get the opportunity to save a lot more money than anywhere else in the world.

Teaching jobs overseas therefore, provide financial stability and prosperity. The additional benefits like free accommodation bring down one’s expenses considerably and help teachers to increase their savings and income.


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