How do Mothers Teach Kids at Home?

16 Oct

A lot of mothers are not comfortable with admitting their children in nursery or kindergarten schools at such a tender age and opt to teach them at home. But teaching kids at home should not be treated lightly for the education imparted to them at such an age forms the very foundation on which a child later grows and develops. Hence, it is best for a mother to go through a teachers training course to get appropriately trained. The pre-primary or nursery teachers training course is a suitable option.

teaching kids at home

A pre-primary teachers training is very important because pre-primary teaching requires a lot of planning and skilful execution of lessons. The primary motive of a pre-primary school is to make a toddler learn through his physical senses about the environment and to develop his imaginative skills and learn social interaction. A pre-primary teachers training would help mothers to not only focus on academics but also on behavioural and moral upbringing of a child. It helps a child to attain self-discipline and confidence and teaches a child to concentrate. Since kids of this age are restless and yearn for physical activity, they have to be taught through group activities like games, art, dance, drama, songs and puppetry. A pre-primary teachers training course helps mothers to stir the enthusiasm in a child to learn, create, help and care for the environment and for others.

Nursery teachers’ training is also a suitable course for mothers planning to teach kids at home. A mother in a proper Nursery teacher training course is acquainted with child psychology and the emotional, social and cognitive needs of children. Education at this level has to be imparted in a way which is easily understandable and stirs the curiosity in every child. A Nursery teacher training course helps a mother to plan courses and execute them in a demonstrative fashion which excites the interest of a child and helps him to participate actively thus, helping in the retention of knowledge. On completion of this course, a mother can confidently teach her child and instilling in him a sense of discipline while giving free scope to a child’s curiosity to grow and bloom.

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