Difference Between TEFL and TESOL

16 Oct

TEFL Certificate course and the TESOL program are the two most popular teacher training courses for aspirants wishing to teach English to non-English speaking people. These two teacher training courses are the minimum prerequisite for getting ESL jobs anywhere in the world. The differences between these courses are a few. While the TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Certificate course is designed for people interested in teaching young learners, the TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program is a more advanced and a complete course on the know-how of teaching the language of English to adults as well as young learners. A study of these two teachers training courses separately would help us to analyze further the differences among them.

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The TEFL Certificate course acquaints the teachers with the latest developments in the techniques, skills and methodology of teaching. A teacher during this course learns the best ways of developing the four basic language skills, which are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Planning, execution and evaluation of lessons best suitable for teaching young learners form an integral part of this course. A teacher during a TEFL Certificate course is also trained on the other aspects of teaching such as on the skills of classroom management, handling of students, and understanding the psyche of trainees.

In a TESOL program, the teachers are trained to teach the concepts of English language like grammar and comprehension. They are trained to develop the vocabulary and the basic language skills required for communicating in English. The expertise of teaching phonology, context and language modelling and communicative ways are all a part of the TESOL program. It helps a teacher to plan and execute lessons suitable for a specific trainee group. This course trains a teacher on the psyche of a trainee group comprising of people coming from different age groups, linguistic, regional and cultural backgrounds. The TESOL program is an all-comprehensive course that trains a teacher to teach mixed and large groups confidently and handle a crisis that may arise in a classroom.

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