Can Indian English Teachers get Teaching Jobs Abroad?

16 Oct

Contrary to popular belief, there are many Indian English teachers teaching abroad and Indian English teachers find good job openings all over the world. Owing to the long colonial history, Indians have been conversant in English for a longer period of time as compared to people from other non-English speaking nations. Fluency in English makes it easier for Indians to get English teaching jobs abroad. With the advent of globalization and internet facilities, it is easy for Indians to apply and get these jobs. A lot of Indians are also changing their profession and taking up teaching so that they could take up teaching jobs abroad.

teach english abroad

Teaching jobs abroad provide a refreshing break to many Indians and could also be extremely lucrative in terms of remuneration. A lot of Indians with a penchant for travel find an easy way out by taking up English teaching jobs abroad. These jobs help them to relocate for a time-frame to another country and financially support their stay. By taking up teaching jobs abroad, Indians not only get to see and experience exotic places but they also get to interact with people from far-flung countries and learn about different histories, cultures and traditions. It is a great learning process and very enriching.

However, getting teaching jobs abroad requires a fulfillment of a few criteria. Although the specific requirements differ from country to country, the basics are a sound educational background, fluency in English and completion of a certified teacher training course. These teacher training courses are widely available and take up only about six months. These courses are scientifically developed and are in tandem with the latest developments in the methodology and technique of teaching.

The TEFL Certificate course and the TESOL programs are the two best teacher training courses for Indians interested in taking up teaching jobs abroad because these two courses are recognized and accredited globally. A TEFL Certification course is designed for those interested in teaching young learners and acquaints them with child psychology. This course trains a teacher on the basic methods of teaching English as a foreign language to non-English speaking people. It helps a teacher to plan and execute lessons and trains a teacher on the ways of developing the four basic language skills namely, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Developing vocabulary and basic communication skills form the main crux of the TEFL Certification course. This course trains a teacher on the method of planning and executing lessons in an interactive and communicative way

The TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program trains a teacher in teaching English language to people of all age groups and TESOL certified teachers can easily get teaching jobs abroad be it in educational institutions, language schools or in corporate houses. The TESOL program focuses on the fundamentals of English language such as grammar and phonology. It enumerates on the basics like syntax and context setting. This course helps a teacher to overcome the barriers to the learning process of a second language and help people from different regional, linguistic and social backgrounds to communicate and express themselves in English language. TESOL certified English teachers can plan and execute tailored lessons to large and mixed groups.

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