6 General Misconceptions About Teaching Overseas

19 Sep

english teaching jobs overseas

Those interested to take up TEFL jobs abroad often find themselves faced with many questions and misconceptions. Here are the six most common misconceptions.

Teaching English jobs abroad require specialized qualification

Most countries do not require their English teachers to possess a degree. A sound educational background, fluency in English and a certified English teachers training course like the TEFL or the TESOL course are the mandatory requirements for getting teaching English jobs abroad.

Only native English speaking teachers are eligible to get English teaching jobs overseas

Some educational institutes or language schools recruit only native English speaking teachers but most schools, colleges and language schools do not have the same criteria. Teachers with a different second language would easily find TEFL jobs abroad.

In order to take up English jobs abroad, one must know the native language of that place

On the contrary, it is preferred that the teachers do not know how to speak in the native language. It sets the right ambience in the classroom for learning English. Furthermore, if an English teacher communicates only in English, the students try harder to listen and decipher the language and thus, learn quicker.

English teaching jobs overseas are available only to experienced teachers

In order to get English teaching jobs overseas, one does not necessarily need to be experienced. Although prior experience is beneficial, it is not compulsory. A proper teachers training course like the TEFL or the TESOL course is enough to get teaching English jobs abroad.

TEFL jobs abroad are only for teachers teaching young learners

TEFL jobs abroad are available in schools, colleges, language schools and even corporations. It depends on an individual teacher and his or her area of interest and proficiency. There are plenty of jobs for teaching kids, adolescents, adults and even elderly people. It all depends on the English teacher to choose from the wide variety of teaching English jobs overseas.

English jobs abroad are available only in non-English speaking countries.

English teachers are required in all non-English speaking as well as English speaking nations. English teaching jobs are available in countries like the UK and the USA as well.

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