Pros and Cons of being a Preschool Teacher

22 Aug

The pros and cons of being a preschool teacher are many. While this career option is booming not only in India but all over the world, it requires dedication and hard work. Dealing with young children and bearing the responsibility of educating them and bringing them up is not an easy task. Hence, it is imperative for aspirant preschool teachers to go through a proper teacher training course and prepare oneself to successfully meet the demand of the job.

Nursery teachers training

Teacher training courses like pre-primary teacher training course or a Nursery teacher training course are best suitable for aspiring preschool teachers.

A pre-primary teacher training is of utmost significance because the education and awareness created in a child at this very young age, forms the very basis on which a child later grows and develops. A proper pre- primary teacher training course trains a teacher to unleash a child’s inherent imaginative skills and help a child in his social interactions and make children learn about the environment through their physical senses. Children of this age are usually restless and yearn for physical activity. A pre-primary teacher training course trains a teacher to utilize this energy of children in a positive way and instruct through group activities like song, games, dance, drama, art and puppetry.

A teacher in a proper Nursery teacher training course is acquainted with child psychology and the emotional, social and cognitive needs of children. Education at this level has to be imparted in a way which is easily understandable and stirs the curiosity in every child. A Nursery teacher training course helps a teacher to plan courses and execute them in a demonstrative fashion which excites the interest of a child and helps him to participate actively thus, helping in the retention of knowledge.

While a preschool teacher’s job is demanding, a proper teacher training course adequately prepares a teacher to deliver. There are plenty of job openings for preschool teachers and this profession provides a lot of self- satisfaction and happiness.


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