Where Can I Do My TEFL Training?

20 Aug

Teaching English is a very popular career option in today’s globalized world. Those aspiring to take up a career teaching ESL (English as Second Language) must be fluent in English, with a sound educational background and must have completed a certified English teacher training course.

tefl course india

There are plenty of online teacher training courses for those wishing to pursue a ESL career. Aspirants as well as experienced teachers can sign up for these online teacher training courses and do it from the comfort of their own homes avoiding the cost, time and hassle generally involved in traveling. The virtual presence of teachers and the assistance provided over chat and voice facilities on the internet facilitate the entire procedure of e-learning. Moreover, the online teacher training courses have the same value and accreditation as their onsite counterparts.

Those interested in taking up TEFL training would do well to sign up for a proper course with a reputed and certified institute. Those pursuing a ESL career would do well to opt for a TEFL Certificate Course or a TESOL program because both these courses are recognized globally.

A TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Certificate Course is best suitable for aspirants interested in teaching young learners. It is a comprehensive course covering the technique of teaching the four basic language skills namely, speaking, listening, reading and writing and the ways of improving vocabulary. The TEFL Certificate Course also trains an aspirant on the other aspects of teaching such as handling criticism or opposition and classroom management.

The TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program is a more advanced course and suitable for those interested in teaching English to adults. This course delves deeper into the techniques of teaching English language and deals with concepts like grammar, phonetics and syntax. A teacher upon completion of the TESOL program learns to teach English to large and mixed groups of people from different regional, linguistic and social backgrounds.

TEFL training in either of these courses can be done from American TESOL Academy, which has been the pioneer of TEFL training for many years.

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