Teaching Children at Home

18 Jul

Teacher Training India

We often make the mistake of thinking that anyone can teach children at home. Teaching basic knowledge to children requires considerable skill and must be done only by experts because the education imparted to children between the age of two to twelve years forms the very basis on which a child later grows and develops. The teacher training courses in India equips teachers to acquire the know-how and skill to plan and execute systematic lessons suitable for these children.

teaching at home

Nursery Teachers Training

Children between the age of two and five years have to be made aware of the environment and the world in which they live. Teachers having gone through a Nursery teachers training course are best suitable for this job. Teaching children of this age group at home is more challenging than teaching them in school because the scope of social interaction at home is more limited as compared to school. Instead of group activities, a child must be taught through games, songs, art and pictures, which are visual and demonstrative in nature and have more impact on the minds of these young learners. Children of this age must be scientifically taught the basics of language development including the enhancing of vocabulary.

Primary Teacher Training

Teachers with a primary teacher training background are suitable for teaching children aged between five and twelve years. The lesson curriculum for children studying at home must consist of all basic subjects, which are essential for child’s growth and development. Teaching children at home is not limited to academics only but should also include inculcation of behavioral and moral values in them. While teaching these very young children, a sense of discipline must be instilled in them while giving them ample scope to explore their curiosity and inherent imagination skills.

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