Thematic Approach in Teaching

11 Jul

Recent times have seen the burgeoning of primary and secondary schools in India which are both government-aided and private schools. These schools are evolving their educational methods and stressing on thematic approaches. While the number of teaching jobs in India is huge, the number of experienced and well-trained teachers familiar with thematic approach, proportionately low. Those with a good educational background and a knack for handling children could take up a teacher training course and get teaching jobs in India.

Plenty of courses for teachers have been introduced by reputed institutes all over India, centering on the levels at which they want to teach whether it be pre-school, Montessori, primary or secondary levels. There is also an option of online teacher training courses for people who find it difficult to manage the time or resources to physically come down for these training courses. These teacher training courses have been designed for both aspirants and experienced teachers to bring them up-to-date with the latest procedures, skills and developments in the field of education and teaching. They are trained to inculcate these modern methods to make planning, execution and evaluation of lessons more impactful and responsive.

pre primary teacher training

Pre-primary teacher training stresses the most on thematic approach of teaching. Kids of this age are usually very restless and yearn for physical activity. Knowledge has to be thus, imparted through various themes and group activities based on these themes like games, art, dance, drama, songs and puppetry. Children can easily understand and relate to them and it is easy for them to engage their curiosity this way and learn through them. Pre-primary teacher training trains an aspirant to stir the enthusiasm in a child to learn, create, help and care for the environment and for others. . Pre-primary teacher training acquaints the teachers with the technique of formulating compact and systematic courses for these young learners. The key of this teaching lies in making lessons highly interactive and communicative in nature.

With a certified teacher training course consisting of training on thematic approach in training, it becomes easy for an aspirant or an experienced teacher to get teaching jobs in India.


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