Teaching English in Australia

11 Jul

Australia is in a very true sense, a multi-lingual, multi-social and multi-cultural country. Over many years, it has played home to people from far-flung countries and even today, a lot of people travel to Australia for professional, educational and social reasons. However, a huge chunk of population remains non-English speaking and therefore, there is a huge demand for English teachers in Australian educational institutes, language schools and corporate. Teachers interested in taking up English teaching jobs in Australia must go through a certified English teacher training course.


The TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Diploma is an appropriate choice for teachers interested in teaching young learners English in Australia. During a TEFL Diploma course, a teacher is trained to develop the four basic language skills which are, speaking, listening, reading and writing and developing vocabulary. This course is a comprehensive course training aspirants as well as experienced English teachers on the best methods, techniques and skills of teaching English. Since this course is designed for those focusing on teaching young learners, it acquaints them with child psychology and trains them to plan lessons accordingly and execute them in an interactive and communicative fashion for securing maximum participation and thereby, ensuring maximum retention. Apart from this, the TEFL Diploma course also covers the basic methods of teaching such as classroom management, student handling, trainee psychology and crisis management.

A TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Diploma course is a more advanced course and is the appropriate course for teaching young learners as well as adults in Australia. It trains a teacher on the ways of overcoming language barriers enabling smooth communication and free-channeling of expressions in English language. The TEFL Diploma course focuses on the basics of English language such as English grammar, syntax, context setting and phonology. Language modeling and communicative ways are all a part of this course. In a TESOL Diploma course a teacher is trained on the technique of planning customized lessons for a particular group and on the ways of teaching English confidently to people of different regional, social and linguistic backgrounds


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