Importance of Role Play in Training

22 Jun

A proper trainer training course will always stress on the importance of using role-play as an effective training method. Role play is a sort of a training game where employees are asked to enact different situations. It helps to achieve team building, cooperation and problem solving among a trainee group in a very short span of time. Amateurs without going through a proper trainer training course should not attempt to use role play in a training session because if it goes wrong, it could end up doing more harm than good.

train the trainer course

Train the trainer course are designed to equip aspirants with the latest developments in the methods and techniques of training such as role play. There are various training courses for trainers for different fields like Soft Skill training, HR training, Individual training, Sales and Marketing training, Corporate training and a lot more. The tools, skills and methods of training differ with each training category. An aspirant must choose the appropriate Train the trainer course depending on personal area of interest and expertise.

A skill training course is a more generic trainer training course and as the name suggests, focuses on improving training skills including the basic skills of observation, evaluation and analysis. A skill training course trains a trainer to analyze the dynamics of a particular group and accordingly, plan a customized training course. This course helps a trainer to address the needs of the individuals as well as of the group as a whole. Managers and professionals with training responsibilities and unaware of training methods such as role play would also do well with a skill training course.

Role play is crucial to any training course. Apart from improving communication and inter-personal skills, role play also helps in achieving group decision making, developing insights and conflict resolution. In a training course for trainer, an aspirant learns the best way to inculcate role play in a training curriculum and utilize it to the maximum possible extent. A trainer must be well-skilled and knowledgeable to plan customized training sessions suitable for a particular group and execute it in an interactive way to ensure maximum effectiveness.


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