Differences Between Teaching Degree And Teaching Diploma

22 Jun

With the growing importance given to education world-wide, the need for teachers to be well-trained and skilled is widely acknowledged.  A variety of training courses for teachers is available these days. Aspirants interested in taking up teaching would face crucial questions like the differences and advantages while comparing between a Teaching degree and a Teaching Diploma. A Teaching degree is conferred upon by institutions of higher studies on completion of a detailed study like universities while a Teaching Diploma is a certificate issued by educational institutions on completion of a particular course.

tefl certificate course

People with a specialization in a subject would find it beneficial to go for a Teaching degree program. Aspirants with only a sound educational background and no specialization would find it more rewarding to sign up for a training course for teachers and earn a Diploma.

There are various courses for teachers available these days. People interested in teaching usually choose from the wide variety of English teaching courses because of the availability of English teaching jobs. TEFL Certificate Course and TESOL program are the most popular courses for teachers because of their global recognition and accreditation.

The TEFL Certificate course is a complete course on the modern technique and skills of teaching English as a foreign language to young learners. An aspirant in a TEFL Certificate Course learns to develop the basic language skills like speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and also building vocabulary. This course helps in understanding trainee psyche and planning customized courses and lessons accordingly. This course provides all the essential knowledge required for teaching English language and imbibes in a teacher a lot of self-assurance.

TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) programs are more advanced and trains a teacher to teach people of various age groups and coming from different linguistic, regional and social backgrounds. The TESOL program focuses on the fundamentals of English language like grammar and phonology. TESOL qualified teachers know the technique and can confidently teach English language to very big and mixed groups.

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