Teaching & Travelling in India

19 Jun

Due to its’ long colonial history, India has been acquainted with the English language for more than two centuries now. Due to the economic growth of the country, a larger section of India is interested in learning English for it is not only important but crucial to the professional development of an individual. India understands and respects the need for English education as a tool for bettering its prospects in the world of commerce, business and education.


Teaching jobs in India are plenty because of this reason. English teachers are in demand in schools, language schools and corporate. Fluency in English, a sound educational background and an appropriate English teacher training course are the requisites for getting English teaching jobs in India. The most popular teacher training courses are the TEFL course and the TESOL course primarily because they are recognized and accredited worldwide.

A Teaching English as a Foreign Language course, more popularly known as TEFL course, is an apt course for aspirants interested in teaching English language to young learners. This course acquaints trainees with child psychology and understanding of the barriers to the learning process of a foreign language. A teacher in a TEFL course learns the ways of developing the basic language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing and developing vocabulary.

A TESOL course is a more advanced course and is suitable for aspirants interested in teaching English language to people of all age groups. This course covers all the fundamentals of English language such as grammar, phonetics, syntax and context setting. Teaching practice is also an integral part of the TESOL course, thereby preparing aspirants in the skill of preparing, executing and evaluating appropriate lessons.

India is an exotic mixture of the old and the new, the rural and the urban. Teaching jobs in India give a huge scope to people to travel to the different corners of the country and experience the different, history, culture and traditions of the people. Teaching jobs in India come with sufficient remuneration to financially support the cost of travelling and is the best way to explore the eclectic concoction known as India

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