Teaching English in South Korea

19 Jun

South Korea is a developing nation and is doing much better economically than most other Asian countries. In the face of industrialization and globalization, it is mandatory for South Korea to be educated in English to maintain and better its’ position in the world economy. Hence, English teachers are highly in demand in South Korea.

online tefl course

English is taught in most primary schools in South Korea and English teachers are consistently recruited by the language schools as well as the corporate houses in South Korea. Before applying for English teaching jobs in South Korea, one must go through an appropriate English teacher training course.

The online TEFL course and the TEFL Certification course are the two most popular English teacher training courses for getting teaching jobs in South Korea. A lot of online TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) courses not only equip aspirants with the know-how required for teaching English language but also come with a job guarantee upon successful completion. This course trains aspirants on developing the basic language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing and vocabulary. The biggest advantage of an online TEFL course is that not only teachers but professionals interested in a career switch can also sign up for it and do it from the luxury of their homes.

A TEFL Certification course, on the other hand, is a more detailed course and is done onsite. It equips trainees with all the skills and techniques required for teaching English language to non-English speaking people. A TEFL Certification course delves deeper into English language and focuses on fundamentals like grammar, syntax, context setting and phonetics.

Both these English teacher training courses adequately train teachers on the art of devising, exercising and evaluate appropriate curriculums and are accepted in South Korea. English teaching jobs in South Korea offer the enjoyment of pagodas, seas, mountains and bays and the opportunity to mingle with the warm people and learn about their culture. These jobs come with remuneration better than what is offered in most Asian countries, and often with additional benefits such as bonus, free accommodation, medical allowances and many more.


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