What are Icebreakers?

12 Jun

Icebreakers are a great way of training sessions. When people from different backgrounds are accumulated in a training session, they are wary of each other and there is a certain level of discomfort. The ice in the term ‘icebreakers’ refers to the unfamiliarity and the ambience of discomfort felt in the initial stage of a group session. Icebreakers are activities which help the people involved to interact with each other and work towards the same goal.

training sessions

A trainer must be well trained on the skill of using ice-breakers because if they don’t work properly, it can be very embarrassing and increase the level of discomfort. There are various trainer training courses available which train a trainer on the effective ways of planning icebreakers to enable people to know each other and participate equally to realize the goals set by a particular training session.

A train the trainer course is designed to train a trainer on the basics of training like strategically planning and executing an interesting and useful training course. A train the trainer course improvises on a trainer’s skills of observation, analysis and evaluation. Not only trainers but professionals and managers with training responsibilities find a train the trainer course beneficial.

A skill training course is yet another branch of a trainer training course. This course trains a trainer to analyze the dynamics of a particular group and plan a personalized training course and to make the training sessions practical and interactive. A skill training course helps a trainer to understand a training group psyche and trains a trainer to address the needs of the individuals as well as of the group as a whole and handle and crisis or opposition that might arise within a training room. The skill training course is an all-comprehensive course providing the know-how of training methods and imbibes immense confidence in a trainer.

Trainer training courses help train trainers to start the training sessions with a great start. Training becomes easy when trainees feel comfortable and participate whole-heartedly and act towards accomplishing the same objectives and icebreakers are a perfect way to set the way.


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