Teaching English to Preschoolers

12 Jun

Teaching English to preschoolers is not as easy as it sounds and not the task of an amateur. Most of us may be able to speak fluently in English but when asked about the best way of teaching listening skills to a toddler, we would remain dumbfounded. For this very purpose, a variety of courses for teachers have been designed and are available to aspirants interested in teaching English to preschoolers.

Teaching English


These courses for teachers help a teacher to learn the ways of developing basic language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. Online teacher training course are available for those who find it difficult to commute and can be easily done from home. Experienced teachers also find it beneficial to go through the online teacher training course to stay updated and learn about the latest advancements in the techniques and skills of teaching.

A teacher must understand child psychology before starting to teach them. Lessons must be interactive in nature to grasp the curiosity of a child and ensure participation to help understanding and retention of knowledge. Online teacher training course help teachers to formulate lessons and learn the ways of teaching English to preschoolers through group activities like song, drama, dance, games, art and puppetry.

A TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program is an appropriate course for teachers interested in teaching English to not only preschoolers but to people of different age groups. This program delves deeper into the fundamentals of teaching English language such as grammar, syntax, context setting and phonetics. It helps a teacher to plan and execute lessons suitable for a specific trainee group. A teacher in a TESOL program is trained thoroughly to teach English as a second language to toddlers of various linguistic, social and regional backgrounds and helps them to communicate freely in English language. TESOL programs are recognized globally and help teachers to get English teaching job all over the world.

Teaching English to preschoolers means creating the base of communicative English language and must stress on grammar, pronunciation and context setting.

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