Salary of Teachers in Thailand

09 Jun

Taking up teaching jobs abroad provides a great opportunity to travel to exotic places and Thailand is the perfect destination. Thailand has been a major tourist attraction from many years and pulls people from all over the world. The Thais find it imperative to communicate in the global language of English with the foreign tourists. But since they are non-English speaking people, English trainers are in high demand.


teachers in thailand


English teaching jobs are available in plenty in Thailand and have brought a large number of people from the Western countries for the same purpose. People from Thailand have traveled to Western countries like the UK, USA, Canada and Australia in order to get educated in English. Very recently, English education has been introduced in Thai schools but the demand for English education is huge and poses a huge opportunity for people who are interested in teaching jobs abroad. English teaching job are available in schools, colleges, language schools and corporate houses in Thailand.

Fluency in English is not enough to get English teaching jobs abroad and one must go through an appropriate teacher training course. TEFL certification courses and TESOL courses are the best bets because they are recognized globally. A teacher training course helps an aspirant to understand and learn the basic skills of language development such as speaking, listening, reading and writing and improving vocabulary and understanding grammar and syntax. A teacher training course is a must for all English teachers because it trains them to help people of different linguistic, regional and social backgrounds to communicate freely in English language.

The salary of English teachers is very high in Thailand and pays anywhere between 25000 baht to 50000 baht per month depending on the qualification and experience of the teachers. English teaching jobs fetch a better salary in the urban areas than in the rural areas in Thailand. They are also given free accommodation and many other benefits including medical allowances. English teaching jobs in Thailand are lucrative and provide an excellent occasion for people to enjoy the perfect blend of scenic natural beauty and modern amenities available in Thailand.

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