Context Setting by ESL Teacher

09 Jun

One of the most difficult areas faced by most ESL (English as Second Language) teachers is that of explaining context setting. It requires a considerable amount of skill and technique to train students on the very important aspect of context setting while teaching English language. A number of English teacher training courses have evolved to help aspirants to learn the know-how and methodology of teaching these tricky aspects of teaching English as a second language.

ESL teacher

English teacher training courses are available for different levels of education and target trainee groups and an aspirant must choose depending on personal area of interest and expertise. For example, those interested in teaching English to toddlers would find it beneficial to go through a pre-primary teacher training course and those interested in teaching English to adults could go for teaching business English.

A pre-primary teacher training course helps a teacher to teach these young learners to express themselves verbally, develop a language and interact socially. A pre-primary teacher is entrusted with the task of developing the basic language skills in a toddler such as listening, speaking, reading and writing and understanding grammar, syntax and context setting. A teacher in a pre-primary teacher training course learns the best ways of teaching these fundamentals to the toddlers through group activities and interactive sessions, which are interesting, easily understandable and ensures maximum participation from these young learners.

Teaching Business English has gained a lot of popularity in recent times because of the rising need felt by the corporate houses to train their employees in Business English so that they can interact with people from different parts of the world.  Teaching Business English involves understanding the requirements of an organization and accordingly planning a training course suitable for a particular group. While teaching Business English, a trainer must ensure that the level of improvement in the employees’ communication skills is at par with the organizational expectations.

English teacher training courses are beneficial not only for aspirants but also the experienced teachers to better their skills and to improve their techniques on teaching fundamentals like context setting.


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