How to Start a ESL Career

06 Jun

For those planning to start a ESL career, it is a good idea to start looking at the teacher training courses available and choose wisely. Fluency in English and a sound educational background are the must-haves for starting on an ESL career in addition to a certified English teaching course.
TEFl online course

Among the training courses available for preparing an aspirant for a ESL career, TEFL and TESOL and are the most popular ones. Both Diploma and Certification courses are available under these two categories and one must know which one to choose.

A TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Diploma course is a great way to plan and train oneself before embarking on a ESL career. This course is ideal for those interested in teaching English to young learners. An aspirant in a TEFL Diploma course learns the methods of improving basic language skills such as listening and reading skills. A TEFL Diploma is the minimum prerequisite for getting ESL jobs.

Online TEFL course  can be easily done from home avoiding the costs and hassles usually involved with travelling. Online TEFL courses have the same curriculum, effect and value as their onsite counterparts and provide the same level of assistance to the trainees through chat and talk facilities available online. Experienced teachers also find it beneficial to sign up for the online TEFL courses to get updated about the latest advancements in the methods of teaching English

A TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Diploma course is also a wise option for those interested in starting a ESL career. A TESOL course delves deeper into fundamentals of English language such as grammar and syntax and prepares a teacher to teach English to people of different ages, and of different social, regional and linguistic backgrounds. A TESOL Diploma certified teacher can teach big and mixed groups confidently.

Starting a ESL career is very easy after the completion of any certified English teacher training course and TEFL and TESOL courses are the safest bets for aspirants because they are recognized and accredited worldwide.


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