Pay Package of Trainers in India

31 May

Specialized trainer training courses have evolved in recent times for various field like HR training, corporate training, soft skill training, Sales and Marketing Training and Individual Training. There is a huge demand of skilled trainers both in the corporate world and the world of education.  Trainers are usually well-paid and the remuneration varies depending on the expertise of a trainer, the kind of training and industry in which a trainer works. To get training jobs, an aspirant must go through a proper trainer training course because training is not an amateur’s task and requires a lot of know-how ability and skills.

A train the trainer course is designed to train a trainer on the basics of training like strategically planning and executing an interesting and useful training course. The techniques of training included in this course imbibe a lot of confidence in a trainer. A train the trainer course can be taken up by both aspirants and professionals to get a fresh perspective on training and inculcate the latest methods and techniques during training. A good train the trainer course develops a trainer’s skills of observation, analysis and evaluation

Skill training course is another variant of a trainer training course and could be taken up by not only trainers but managers and professionals to develop skills and ability to carry out their training responsibilities. A skill training course acquaints a trainer with the dynamics of a specific group and trains to plan a tailored training course applicable for the specific group. This course teaches a trainer to make a training course interactive and interesting while addressing the needs of the individuals as well as of the group as a single entity.  The skill training course helps a trainer to brush up on the inter-personal skills of a trainee group.

Training jobs start with Rs. 10,000 and can go up sky high in India depending on a trainer’s expertise. It is easier to grow when a trainer has gone through these trainer training courses and knows how to do the job well.


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