Online Course V/S Onsite Course

30 May

Many people are taking up teaching English as a career since English teachers are widely in demand both in India and abroad. People with good educational background and fluency in English can sign up for English teaching courses like TEFL Diploma, TESOL Diploma or the TEFL certification course and upon completion, become English teachers. All these courses are available online as well as onsite. But many face a dilemma and think the online courses would not have the same impact as onsite courses. But with the videos and speaking options available in the onsite courses, one can get the classroom feel and do the course sitting back at home and avoid the hazards of traveling.

A TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Diploma course is designed for teachers interested in teaching young learners. The TEFL Diploma course covers the basic methods of teaching English and covers basic aspects of teaching such as classroom management, trainee psyche and crisis management. The TEFL Diploma course is available online and can be taken up by professionals as well as aspirants in the comfort of their homes.

But for those interested in teaching English abroad, a TESOL Diploma or a TEFL certification course is a must. A TEFL certification course trains a teacher on the latest developments in techniques and methods of teaching. During a TEFL Certification course, a teacher is trained to develop the four basic language skills namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing and planning, executing and evaluating lessons of English language best suitable for young learners.

The TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Diploma course is designed for both young learners and adults. The TESOL Diploma course is an advanced course detailing the know-how of teaching language such as grammar and phonology. It trains a teacher to plan customized lessons for people coming from different age groups, linguistic, regional and cultural backgrounds.

All these three courses are available online and teachers are available on chat for any assistance a trainee requires. The online courses might take a longer time to finish than the onsite ones but are very convenient and hold the same validity as the onsite courses.


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