Lesson Plan for Teaching

30 May

Teacher training courses is given immense significance in India because it is widely acknowledged that pre-primary or primary teaching is not an amateur’s task. For example, most of us know how to read but when asked about the best ways to teach a toddler to read, we are often left clueless. For this purpose, various sorts of teacher training courses have been introduced in India aimed at the various levels at which a teacher wishes to teach and arm them with the appropriate know-how and tools.

Pre-primary teacher training is a must for all experienced pre-primary teachers as well as aspirants. They are responsible for creating the very foundation on which a child later grows and develops. Pre-primary teacher training focuses on bringing about cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of a child. A pre-primary teacher is trained to teach a child to communicate in a language and develop vocabulary. A teacher learns how to plan and execute lessons understandable to these very easy children. Kids of this age are restless and are physically active. Teachers are trained to teach them simple things like reading usual pictorial and visual demonstrations that are interesting and stirs up curiosity in a child. During the course of pre-primary teacher training, a teacher is trained to develop language and verbal expression of toddlers through group activities like song, drama, art puppetry, dance and rhymes.

Primary teacher training courses are also in high demand these days. The primary teachers’ training course is structured in a way to help best understand the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs of children ranging between the ages of two to twelve years. During the course of primary teacher training, a teacher is trained not only on lesson planning, evaluation and execution but also on creating in a child, a general awareness of the environment and morals and inculcates proper behavioral habits.

All the teacher training courses in India train experienced as well as aspirants on the latest and best method and technique and skills of lesson planning so as to make lessons interesting and interactive ensuring maximum impact on a young learner’s mind.


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