Travel and Explore Asia

26 May

Asia is an exotic continent and is home to century-old cultures, traditions and history. People with a penchant for traveling and exploring Asia often find themselves restricted because of lack of financial standing and job opportunities in most Asian countries. But with the popularization of English as a global language and most of Asian countries falling behind in the knowledge of English language and the rising demand of English teachers, a wide job market of English teaching jobs has been laid open for people interested in traveling and exploring Asia.

To avail of these teaching jobs abroad, one must simply need to be well-versed in English language and go through a TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) course. A TESOL course is the basic and mandatory pre-requisite for obtaining English teaching jobs abroad. This course focuses on the up-to-the-minute techniques, skills and methodologies of teaching English to those born with a different mother-tongue. It trains an aspirant on the basic aspects of teaching such as planning lessons, evaluation, classroom management and handling students and crisis that may arise in a classroom. A TESOL course is detailed to equip teachers on the four basic language skills, i.e, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills along with special emphasis on developing vocabulary.

There are plenty of English teaching jobs abroad and it gives an easy way for those with a thirst for travel and can also be a very lucrative career option. English teaching jobs abroad are available in schools, universities, language schools and corporate offices and can be applied for in many online job portals. TESOL courses are recognized globally and thus, suitable for any teaching job abroad. These teaching jobs abroad not only provide an earning opportunity for people to travel and explore Asian countries, but provide a platform for interaction with people from different social, political and economic backgrounds and give a chance to get an insight about the rich cultures, traditions, histories and systems that have flourished over centuries in the various corners of exotic Asia.

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