Teaching Jobs in Europe

11 May

English language teachers are in great demand in today’s global economy. TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) & TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) have rapidly become sought-after jobs across the globe. Countries, where English is a Foreign Language, hire TEFL teachers, whereas, English speaking countries hire TESL teachers.


Europe is a stunning place, which has it all – people, culture, ancient cities, relics, monuments, & beautiful sceneries. Countries like England, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Greece need no introduction. A trip to Europe is a lifetime experience & what better way is there to know a place intimately than working as a language teacher. You get to see & a whole new world while doing something you love – teaching.

Teaching Jobs in Europe

Europe is a continent where English originated but there are several countries, which do not speak the language. This makes it a great place for getting both TESL & TEFL jobs. Good teachers are offered high salaries & other perks like free accommodation & return air fare at the end of contract. Many employers are also willing to pay the visa charges so all you need to do is find a job there.

The TESOL Course

The American TESOL Institute (ATI) is offering a  TESOL Diploma (Teaching English to Speakers of Others Languages) course. TESOL covers both TESL & TEFL, thus letting you teach English wherever you want. The Diploma course is of 160 hours & you can do it Online or through Distance Learning. The course fee is Rs. 10,000 or $225, with a $25 extra charge for sending the course certificate to an overseas address.

TESOL Certificate from ATI

A Diploma Certificate in TESOL from ATI is globally accepted & makes you eligible to teach across the globe. This certificate will be your key to getting a teaching job in Europe.


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