Essential Equipment in Montessori Training

11 May

The Montessori Method, developed by Maria Montessori in the early 1990s, is a famous method of child education. The Montessori course follows that children should be encouraged to be independent and find out things through self-exploration and interactions with other children. The Montessori teaching method focuses on utilising the child’s natural needs to be independent and respected. It also helps in the development of the child’s imagination and curiosity, so that he grows up to be a responsible and well-adjusted human being.

Montessori Equipment in Montessori Course

Montessori Course

Preschool children roughly fall in the age group of 2-6 years. This is a crucial developmental phase and therefore extra care is taken to utilise the two natural gifts children possess – sensitive periods and absorbent mind. Montessori training enables teachers to understand the child’s tendency to devote his whole attention to one activity at a time and the fact that a child’s mind can absorb and retain a large amount of information at this stage, respectively.

Montessori Equipment in Montessori Course

Montessori schools use specifically designed materials to teach children using the Montessori Method of education. Children are encouraged to use their imagination, creative and analytical skills to discover the relation between different objects and understand the underlying principles.

Use of all five senses is encouraged for learning. Since, tactile materials work best at this stage of development, almost all Montessori training materials are tactile.

The purpose of Montessori training is to help the child is encouraged to feel the individual letters of the alphabet using cut-outs. Similarly, arithmetic is taught by letting children manipulate concrete objects as it helps them to understand the concepts and theorems better.

Children are given various 3D objects to play with. This helps them understand differences in shapes and volumes.

Montessori teaching materials are designed to utilise the child’s natural needs for exploration and understanding the world around them. 


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