Froebel’s Methodology

10 May

Friedrich Froebel was the creator of the Kindergarten Method of child education. It is one of the most important components of Pre and Primary teachers training. The word Kindergarten represents both a garden for children & a garden of children. A garden for children is a place, where they can observe, interact with & understand Nature, while a garden of children is a place, where children can grow & develop in a natural way. Froebel established his ‘Play & Activity Institute’ in 1837, which he renamed ‘Kindergarten’ in 1840. It is an integral part of most nursery teacher training Course.

Pre & Primary teacher training

The Kindergarten Philosophy a part of Pre & Primary teacher training

Froebel believed that humans are creative & productive & should be allowed to develop in harmony with God & the natural world. The chief tenets of this philosophy are:

  • Ø Humans are creative beings with the unique power of imagination. Education should help a child to fully realize his creative potential.
  • Ø Play is essential to learning & should be structured in a way that facilitates the child’s understanding of the world.
  • Ø Education essentially means to lead a person to knowledge. The job of a teacher is to guide a child & not feed him endless information.
  • Ø A child will learn only when he is ready to learn. A teacher should understand & respect each child’s unique development & guide him in a purposeful way.
  • Ø A Kindergarten is a prepared environment. It is structured in a way to lead the child towards purposeful experiences & help the teacher to assess & guide each child.
  • Ø Kindergarten has 3 constituents:-
    • Movement games & songs, for developing motor skills,
    • A garden for observing & interacting with Nature, &
    • Gifts & Occupations. There are 11 Gifts for the child to explore & learn from, including objects like cylinders, cubes, balls of yearn. The 9 Occupations, or activities, which children engage in & learn from are Origami, Perforating, Embroidery, Drawing, Cutting Paper, Weaving, Painting, Intertwining, & Box Construction.

During nursery teacher training course, the teachers will be trained in the above mentioned points.


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