Classroom Management

10 May

Classroom Management refers to the way a teacher manages her class & deals with inappropriate behaviour. Too much disruption will negatively affect the lesson & waste valuable time. Therefore, it is very important to know how to manage a class.

The Teacher’s Personality

It is true to an extent that strict teachers have less disruption in class than friendly or shy teachers. The moment a new teacher enters a class, the students try to assess how much bad conduct they can get away with. Therefore, it is better to be stern at the beginning. Once the students learn to toe the line, the teacher can relax a bit.

Tips for Classroom Management

Some useful tips for effective Classroom Management are given below.

  • Involve the students in creating classroom rules. At the beginning of a new class ask your students to help you create a set of class rules. Explain what rules you have already created & why. Then let them negotiate with you & also come up with new rules. This will make the students feel that they had a say in making the rules instead of being imposed with a bunch of them.
  •  Keep the rule-list visible. You can also ask your students to create a colourful poster of the list & put it up in a prominent place.
  •  Be fair & consistent. You must be fair while enforcing the rules & not be partial to any student for any reason. The students must see you as a fair judge they can depend on. Also be consistent in enforcing the rules.
  • Try to prevent disruptions. You can do this by making your lessons interesting & having as little free time as possible.
  • Deal with disruptions after class. Avoid admonishing in front of the whole class.

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